A Hat in Time Review

It’s a Good Time The 3D platformer was seen as a dead genre over the past decade, with linearity taking centre stage and platformers either sticking to nostalgic 2D or confined hallway based 3D worlds with little exploration available. However, the retro revival craze has seemed to have moved past the pixelated era and into […]

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Gifted Review

Well Packaged and Well Recieved As a director, Marc Webb shines with down to Earth simple stories, about connectable people in relatable or diverse situations. In his 2009 classic ‘(500) Days of Summer’ he showed this with the challenges and set backs of a seemingly cheesy but ultimately adult and complex relationship. He showed glimpses […]

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Arrival Review

Denis Villeneuve has slowly been cementing himself as one of the great upcoming directors of this generation. Breaking onto the scene in the past few years with intense yet imperceptibly paced thrillers like Prisoners, to apathetic psychological dramas like Enemy, the French-Canadian director has already proven his skill with a relatively small filmography. His slow-paced […]

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