Don’t Breathe Review

And Don’t Miss It The horror genre is often oversaturated with generic jump scare fests and by the numbers unappealing ghost stories. There’s usually a 1/10 chance that the one you pay for will be any good whatsoever. However, the horror genre mixes well with thriller movie set-ups and tension, it’s all about the suspense […]

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WWE Backlash 2016 Review

Smackdown Live’s first exclusive pay-per-view has come and gone and it was overall a very solid show. Well booked matches, great story-telling and satisfying finishes, it’s a decent start for Smackdown PPVs and a good kick-off point for WWE’s brand exclusive PPVs going forward. For a show that wasn’t all that hyped up and nobody […]

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NXT Takeover Brooklyn II Review

It’s All Good in the Hood One year after what was arguably their greatest special ever, NXT has returned to Brooklyn for another edition of their brilliant Takeover specials. Catching lightning in bottles at the consistency of catching water in the ocean, Takeover specials never disappoint and I’m not keeping you in suspense, NXT Takeover […]

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Suicide Squad Review

Squad Goals and Squad Strikeouts To say that Suicide Squad was a bit of a hyped release would be like saying the second coming of Jesus is kind of a big deal. Every trailer gave people more of what they wanted, merchandise has taken over shops and cosplays galore, fan of the genre or not […]

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